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Please note: We do review all link swap requests before they go live and we also reserve the right to reject a link request.

  1. First of all, please only swap links with us if you have a website that is based on a similar topics to our own: poker games, gambling, casinos etc etc.....

  2. The second thing is to include ( Reciprocal Link : - on the form), a direct link to the actual page where our link exists on your website. Giving us a link to your links index page won't suffice... we need a link to the 'actual' page where our link can be found. No dynamic links..

  3. Thirdly, we don't accept link swaps from adult, gambling or generally poor quality websites with no backlinks and no Google Page Rank (pr0). Generally a pr of 3+ on the page that links to us is acceptable - home/index page pr value is of no interest to us.

  4. Lastly, your link will be reviewed before your link goes live on our partner directory...

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