Top Ten Ways to Add Excitement to Your Regular Poker Games
Top Ten Ways to Add Excitement to Your Regular Poker Games
Top Ten Ways to Add Excitement to Your Regular Poker Games

Top Ten Ways to Add Excitement to Your Regular Poker Games

If you meet people regularly for poker, then your poker games are likely part of a pleasant routine. This can be great - unless poker night becomes something of a rut. To keep your poker night fresh and exciting, consider some of the following tips to generate excitement and interest:

1) Change the venue. The fastest and easiest way to get your poker night out of a rut is to play somewhere else. Select someone else’s home if you tend to play at the same house each week. Or, take the game outside on a nice day. You may also want to organize a group trip to a local casino for something completely new. All the regulars at your poker nights can try to get a seat at the same table and enjoy a game.

2) Create a poker theme night. Consider having a theme night such as “old world casino night” - everyone needs to dress up like an old poker boss. Decorate according to the theme and serve appropriate food and drinks. The costumes will add a laugh to any game.

3) Get new players and new player position for everyone. Change dealing duties, have people sit outside “their” usual position and the game will instantly be more exciting.

4) Put more on the line. If you wager for your games, try increasing the wagers or consider taking betting limits off for one night. Or, wager for something different. You may want to play for pranks or silly dares rather than money. In some cases, different risks or bigger risks add excitement to the game - just make sure that you are not raising the stakes so high that you create problems for anyone at the table.

5) Try variations or another game. Try Hold-Em styles, poker variations like acey-deucey, pineapple poker, Chicago poker, progressive poker or any other style you have not tried yet. Or, change tactics entirely and try another card game like whist or bridge for a week or two just to keep things interesting.

6) Add some additions. Consider adding cigars, special snacks, or special novelty drinks to your next poker night. They will give everyone something new to try and will give all the poker regulars something new to talk about.

7) Add surprises. If it is your night to host poker night, surprise your guests somehow. Unexpectedly move the game somewhere new, have everyone wear masks, and generally shake up the status quo. Sometimes, an oddball surprise on poker night is just the thing to make poker fun again.

8) Give yourself a break from the game. If you are in a rut, you may want to get away from the poker table every few weeks. Meet for a movie or coffee instead and you will be able to return to poker again the next poker night with a fresh appreciation in the game.

9) Throw a poker party. Rather than just having a poker night, consider a party with several tables for players to try their hand at poker. This will give everyone a chance to play with new people and will add the excitement of a party - complete with music and food - to poker games.

10) Canvass your poker group. If you think your poker night is stuck in a rut, other players may feel the same way. Bring up the subject the next time you meet for poker and ask for suggestions. Some players may be interested in inviting new people to the game while other players may want to try new poker variations. Whatever the results, often just asking the question will produce an interesting and lively debate at your next game!

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