The Poker Fanatic: Could You Be One of The Breed?
The Poker Fanatic: Could You Be One of The Breed?
The Poker Fanatic: Could You Be One of The Breed?

The Poker Fanatic: Could You Be One of The Breed?

Most poker players are content with playing poker at regular poker nights. Some poker players take this further by reading poker novels in between poker games or by practicing poker each chance they get. The true poker fanatic, though is a breed apart. The fanatic plays poker all the time and thinks about the game constantly. If you think you may be a poker fanatic, take this quiz to find out:

1) Do you think about poker all the time? For example, when someone asks you to run to the store for “chips” do you automatically think of plastic or clay poker chips rather than of chips of the potato variety?

2) Do your use poker language and lingo in your everyday life away from the poker table?

3) Do you play poker every day?

4) Do you soak up every bit of poker news and information available to you, from poker magazines to strategy books?

5) Do your friends automatically invite you to every poker game they know about, knowing that you will be interested?

6) Are most of your clothes poker themed?

7) Do you get mostly poker-related gifts during the holidays and on your birthday?

8) Do you play poker in every venue you can - from video slot machines to local kitchen-table games to casinos and online games?

9) Are most of your life’s accessories poker-related? Is your key-chain poker themed? Are your parties or birthday cakes? Is your home decor a reflection of interest in poker?

10) Do you entertain yourself with poker, gravitating towards movies and books about poker?

11) Do you refuse work unless its poker related?

12) Do you unwind or relax with poker activities?

13) Do you have a reputation as a poker master or poker fanatic?

14) When you go on vacation, do you tend to select destinations or vacations based on their poker facilities?

15) Are your biggest life goals poker related? For example, is one of your poker goals to play at the high rollers game in Vegas?

The more “yes” answers you have the more likely you are to be a poker fanatic.

This is not all bad. If you want to make a career out of poker, you will need to be a bit poker mad to gain the skills and interest to make money from the game. If you are just starting out, becoming a poker fanatic in the short term can help get immersed in the game so that you pick up poker skills more quickly.

However, if neither of these things apply to you, then you may be channeling a lot of energy into poker without due cause. Poker is meant to be fun and taking no break from it can sap some of the fun out of most games.

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Date Added: 2005-10-15

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