Reduce Cheating at Your Poker Games
Reduce Cheating at Your Poker Games
Reduce Cheating at Your Poker Games

Reduce Cheating at Your Poker Games

Most people play poker to win, but play fairly. Still, the very accusations of cheating will often sour a poker game. If someone does cheat in poker games that you are organizing, then other players are unlikely to want to play again. The hard feelings created through cheating last a long time and can even ruin friendships. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to reduce cheating - and even the accusations of it - at your next game:

Set limits and play for low stakes. People are more likely to accuse others of cheating when a lot of money is at stake. People are also more tempted to cheat when they stand to lose or win a lot of money. By playing just for fun or for very small, limited amounts, you can keep games friendly, relaxed - and fair.

Set up the game to be fair. Set aside a separate room for your poker games. This room should give everyone their “space” so that peeking at someone else’s hand is not possible. The room should also be well lighted so that all players can be confident that they see everything that is going on in a game.

Keep things aboveboard. Keep only cards and chips on the table so that bags of chips or glasses of beer will not obscure some fancy dealing. When every player can see all the players’ cards and hands, there is less likely to be accusations of cheating, as well.

Keep things personalized. Personalized poker chips and cards are not very expensive but ensure that no one brings in extras up their sleeve. Personalized chips and cards can even be created with special, inexpensive labels.

Institute a cards on the table rule. By having everyone keep their hands on the table at all times, you reduce even the accusations of cheating since everyone can see everyone’s hands at all times.

Consider sharing control and responsibility. If you meet regularly for poker, consider rotating hosting duties and dealer duties. This gives everyone a chance to play and host a game and can reduce the accusations of cheating.

If everyone in poker game is new to poker, consider having poker rules (including the standing of card hands) written on a poster and placed wherever you play poker. This will ensure that everyone is playing with the same rules and will reduce the temptation to ask other players about a hand of cards.

Keep the amount of alcohol served reasonable. People who have had too much to drink may lose inhibitions and play more aggressively. With lowered inhibitions, they are also less likely to keep their suspicions to themselves. This can lead to some unpleasant behavior at the poker table.

Keep distractions to a minimum. Having a television or radio playing during a game can distract players from what is happening at the poker table and can hide questionable moves.

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Date Added: 2005-10-15


Reduce Cheating at Your Poker Games
Poker and Cheating

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