Poker Myths That can be Costing You Wins in Every Poker Game You Play
Poker Myths That can be Costing You Wins in Every Poker Game You Play
Poker Myths That can be Costing You Wins in Every Poker Game You Play

Poker Myths That can be Costing You Wins in Every Poker Game You Play

Maybe it is because poker has become so popular that so many people believe so many myths about the game. From beginners to seasoned players, poker fans seem to eagerly believe many things that they are told about poker, whether those “facts” bear scrutiny or not. Many poker myths end up costing players money, though. Consider whether these myths aren’t costing you wins:

Poker Myth #1: Poker is about luck and about playing psychology to the hilt.

Yes, psychology has something to do with poker when you bluff or try to decide how well your card hand stacks up against the other cards at the table. In higher-stakes and professional games, psychology matters a lot. In many cases, though, winning at poker at the low and even mid-level games is simply about having the strongest hand of the players again and again. In many cases, this is simply accomplished by simple, learnable skills, such as learning to calculate pot odds.

Poker Myth #2: Good poker players bluff frequently.

Bluffing is maybe one of the most recognizable poker features and one of the features that makes poker different from other card games. In truth, though, bluffing can matter at high level games. In low-stakes games and limit games, it does not matter much because most if not almost all players at that level are willing to call a bet.

Poker Myth #3: Good players always win at poker.

Although poker is about skill to a large extent, luck is involved. Very good players can expect to win more often than they lose, but no player, no matter how great, wins all the time. Sometimes, bad hands simply happen. In other cases, a player successfully bluffs. Plus, some beginner players can get a great run of luck that lets them win against more seasoned players. It is part of the excitement of poker that no one really knows who will win - even in cases where very good players are matches with newcomers to the game at the same poker table.

Poker Myth #4: Tells are the ultimate clue to what a player is holding.

Tells can be useful, but psychology is tricky in the best of times. Sometimes, body language, facial expression and other traditional tells are simply tell the wrong story. In some cases, good players act their way through a game, providing fake tells to other players to keep their real reactions a secret.

Poker Myth #5:Good poker players are naturally good.

Some people will have you believe that all good poker players and all truly great poker players have been naturals all their life. However, poker is a learned skill to a large extent. No one is born knowing how to shuffle or bet. Every player goes through a learning process and every player can better his or her skill through practice and study.

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