Poker and the Maiden: Ladies at the Poker Table
Poker and the Maiden: Ladies at the Poker Table
Poker and the Maiden: Ladies at the Poker Table

Poker and the Maiden: Ladies at the Poker Table

For many generations, poker was considered a man’s game. In the nineteenth century, it was gentlemen and professional gamblers who tried their luck at the poker table. Even in recent times, poker is often depicted as a boys’ night out, complete with cigars, beer, and swearing. This illusion of poker as an all-male sport is quickly becoming an illusion, though. In the past five years, web sites and books dedicated to female poker players have begun to emerge. Professional poker players and champs like Wendeen Eolis make the news regularly and gain status as players. In casinos and tournaments, women are showing that they can play poker with skill and the same aggressiveness as men.

Most exciting of all, women poker players are creating their own poker nights and poker traditions. Many groups of female friends are meeting not only to relax and enjoy each other’s company, but also to play poker. This, plus the presence of celebrities like Heather Graham in poker ads, have started to create a real place for women in poker. Women have found that they can get together and play poker for money. Plus, women who play poker:

• Are reinventing the language of poker by adding their own expressions and language to the game. By calling themselves card “divas” or even “goddesses”, women who play poker are putting down the image of the male cardshark behind them.

• Are making poker trendy and sexy. Major women’s magazines are now occasionally running an article about poker and poker accessories for women as well as for men are being sold. Plus, women poker players are brining snacks, cigars, and other delectables to their poker tables, creating a real excitement in local poker games

• Are gaining new respect. By teaching classes and winning big money in poker, women are showing that they play with great skill and precision.

• Are playing online. By using gender-neutral or even male names, women poker players can play online and even win big without worrying about comments or strange looks. Plus, women are winning big in online casinos while playing poker. For women, playing online can be a great way to learn the game and not worry about poker being a “man’s game.”

• Are creating women-only poker events. There are now online communities exclusively for women, as well as books for women poker players. Plus, women have organized women-only poker clubs, women’ poker nights and even special women’-only poker tournaments. Women poker players who want to compete against other women who love poker has no shortage of play options.

• Are competing at poker at every level. Women are joining perilously all-male poker night groups and are also playing male players at casinos and tournaments. No matter where you look in the poker world, women players are there and doing very well.

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Date Added: 2005-10-15

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