Organizing a Poker Game in Your House
Organizing a Poker Game in Your House
Organizing a Poker Game in Your House

Organizing a Poker Game in Your House

Poker games can be a fun and relaxing way to spend time with your friends. They can also be a fun and relaxed alternative to your usual round of parties and get-togethers. Before you start organizing a poker game, though, you should check your state’s laws about gambling. Some states do not allow gambling in the home, and if this is true of where you live, then your poker game will have to be for non-money things (such as for chips only).

Next, you will need to invite some people over by issuing invitations. It is best to have more than six people playing poker at once. However, since someone will invariably cancel and since not everyone will want to play every game, you may want to invite more than six people. Inviting about nine people is often ideal. Make sure that each person you invite has an interest in poker. Also be sure to invite people who have about the same level of experience and skill in poker. If you invite one person who is better than everyone else, the game will likely be too uneven to be very fun for everyone.

Well before your game, send out the rules of the poker game via email. These rules should list any betting limits, what is being bet, and what type of poker is being played. Even if everyone coming to the game is a seasoned poker player, having the rules clearly established in advance helps ensure a fun game with no disputes.

Buy at least two decks of cards and some poker chips for the game. You may also want to buy a poker tabletop or poker table to keep things professional looking. If you really want to be fancy, you can buy a dealer visor to add some professionalism to the game. Once you buy everything you need, set up the game in a room of the house that gives players plenty of room. The room should be fairly quiet and low-traffic. There should be no mirrors so that no player can see another player’s hand. Good overhead lighting is good, too.

The day of the poker game, set up the snacks and drinks for the game. Decide where the food will be eaten. In general, you do not want to put a lot of food and drink on the poker table, where it will interfere with the game. On the other hand, you don’t want food on some side table that will encourage players to walk around a lot. Ideally, a few side tables of food, drink, and ash trays (if you are allowing smoking) that allow each player to easily reach for the food and drink should be set up. You might want to have some music in the background, or you may decide to have things quiet.

If more than six people show up, you might want to set up a separate area of your home where people can relax and watch television or smoke when they are not playing the game. This second area can also be set up as a poker game in case the game is divided into two to include everyone who shows up.

Once everyone shows up, you will want to sit people who don’t know each other next to each other. This will let everyone socialize a bit. Before dealing, state the rules of the game again and shuffle and deal the cards to begin. You may even want to rotate dealing duties so that everyone gets to be the dealer. Every so often, you may want to schedule bathroom and snack breaks for players.

Once your game is over, you may want to create a regular poker game at your house. A once a week or once a month game is a great way to have fun and hone your game. You may want to meet at different houses over time to even out hosting duties.

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