Key Words That Will Make You Sound Like Poker Expert
Key Words That Will Make You Sound Like Poker Expert
Key Words That Will Make You Sound Like Poker Expert

Key Words That Will Make You Sound Like Poker Expert

If you play poker, the following words can help you understand the game more fully and can help you sound like an expert, even if you are still only learning the rules of the game:

Action: The action refers to the amount of money that is in the pot at the beginning of a game.

Active Player. An active player is one who has not folded and so is still in the game.

Ante: The ante is a small beginning amount placed in the pot before a game begins. In games requiring an ante, each player who wants to play the poker game must put in an ante.

Bankroll: A bankroll is the total amount of money you bring to a game. You use your bankroll to make your wagers. Ideally, you will not lose your entire bankroll in a game. In either case, it is important to bring as a bankroll the amount of money you can afford to lose.

Betting Limits: At the beginning of each game, the dealer may set betting limits, which regulate how much you can bet during the game. Usually, minimum and maximum bets are set. To play the poker game, you must place at least the minimum bets but you cannot exceed the maximum bet if you want to stay in the game.

Boarded: This term refers to the cards that are discarded in a game. These cards are put aside and considered “dead.” They can’t be used again until the deck is reshuffled.

Boat: A boat or “full boat” is sometimes used to refer to a full house.

Call: To call means to match a bet currently on the table. A player can call a bet or can call and raise a bet to increase the amount.

Catch: After any discard in a poker game, when you are dealt new cards, the new cards are referred to as the “catch.”

Face Cards: Face cards are simply those playing cards that have faces on them. They include the Queen, King, and Jack. In poker games, these are considered high cards.

Hold your Own: To hold your own means to break even after a game (or series of games) of poker. If you do not lose your money, then you are holding your own.

Honors: In some poker games, honors are automatically granted to each player once. Honors refer to one free chance for a player to stay in the game past the limits of their bankroll. Thanks to honors, a player can stay in a game that he or she is not able to pay into.

Limit: A limit refers to how high a bet can be raised in a poker game. In some low stakes games, limits are used to prevent the game from becoming too aggressive or expensive for anyone. A limit can also be imposed on how high the pot is allowed to grow. Once the pot has reached its limit, no one is allowed to add to it.

Progressive: In progressive poker, at least a pair of Jacks is needed to open play. If no one at a poker table has at least this, the players must ante up once more, the cards are reshuffled and dealt, and this time the minimum to begin the game is a pair of queens. Progressives proceeds from jacks to queens to kings to aces and then back from aces to kings, queens, and jacks until the minimum hand is found to open the game.

Trey: A trey refers to the card with the three on it (any suit).

Trips: Trips is way of referring to three of a kind.

Wild Cards: In poker games in which wild cards are permitted, one type of card (usually jokers, but any card can be declared wild) can act as another card to create a hand. For example, in a poker game where jokers are wild, you can use a joker to create a pair of aces if you have one ace and a joker in your hand. In most poker games, you cannot use a joker as a highest card to break a tie.

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