How to Play Jacks are Better- Progressive
How to Play Jacks are Better- Progressive
How to Play Jacks are Better- Progressive

How to Play Jacks are Better- Progressive

Jacks are Better - Progressive is dealt 7-card stud style, but this variation of poker takes several rounds of play before betting even takes place. While this fact makes some players frustrated with the game, the multiple antes ensure that the pot grows healthily in this game. Fans of this poker game also like the challenge of the game. This games is perfect for three to six players. Cards are dealt with two cards face up, four face down, and the final one face down, as in many stud games. However, in order to even begin the game one player needs to have at least a pair of jacks or better. If no one gets this minimum in the first round, cards are dealt again and this time at least a pair of queens is needed to begin betting. If no gets this minimum, then the cards are redealt and this time a pair of kings or better are the minimum. This minimum progresses to a pair of aces and then to a pair of kings, queens, and jacks until someone gets the minimum required.

To start play, each player antes up. Then, two cards are dealt face down to each player. Each player looks at their cards before each player is dealt another card is face up. The player who is dealt the highest valued card face up starts the betting. All other players who want to remain in the game match the bet. After this round of betting, the dealer deals another card to each player face up. If after this deal, a pair is visible in a player’s face up cards, the bet is automatically raised. The person with the highest hand showing face up on the table always begins betting in each round. The game continues in this way with another card dealt to each player face up and another round of betting following. If at the end of the fourth round of cards a pair of jacks or better has not surfaced among the face up cards in front of one player, then the round ends. Players hand in their cards, ante up again and the dealer redeals, beginning again. The entire process is repeated, with each player hoping for at least a face up pair of queens or better before the fourth round. This proceeds until someone gets the minimum pair or better.

Once the minimum has been found face up on the table during a round, then each player is dealt a final seventh card face down. The person who has the minimum pair (a pair of jacks of better) on the table in front of them starts the betting at this point. Players can bet or fold. In the final showdown, the player who remains in the game and has the highest hand wins the pot.

This poker game is certainly not ideal for a quick game before supper. In fact, Jacks are Better - progressive has a tendency to last a while. This can result in a leisurely drawn-out game and also a very generous-sized pot, even in low stakes games. If the minimum pair doesn’t show, the game will end prematurely, meaning that your initial cards matter less in this poker game than in many other poker games.

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