How to Play Chicago Poker
How to Play Chicago Poker
How to Play Chicago Poker

How to Play Chicago Poker

Chicago poker is a variation of 7-card stud. It is sometimes played with wild cards and is sometimes called High or Low Chicago. In many games, the high hand splits the pot with either the lowest ranked spade in the hole or the highest ranked spade in the hole available at the table. In some games, other suits besides spades are used.

Chicago poker rules are similar to 7-card stud rules. To begin a game of Chicago poker, each player adds an ante to start up the pot. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals each player three cards. The first two are dealt face down (so that only the player that gets them can see them) while the final one is dealt face up. The players look at the cards that are dealt face up and the player who has the lowest card must place the opening bet or the “bring-in.” If two players have the same valued card, the alphabetical order of the names of the suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades) will decide who places the first bet. The bring-in is usually a percentage of the minimum bet, although the player may choose to bet more than this for the bring-in. At this point, the other players must place their bets as well, starting with the player just to the left of the bring-in. Each player can fold, call the bet or raise the bet.

After the first round of betting, each player gets three more cards dealt to them face up and a last card dealt face down. Before each card is dealt, there is a round of betting. The many round usually ensure that the pot grows pretty briskly. After the final bet, the person with the high hand visible on the table can either place a bet or can decide to “check” which means that the player is passing the option to bet to the next player. Once betting begins, every player who wants to remain in the game must at least call the bet. At the showdown, the player with the highest hand and the player with the player who has the lowest or highest ranked spade in the hole, depending on whether the game is played as a high-low game or not.

In some places, such as Europe, a variation of Chicago poker is played with no gambling. In this version of the game, each card hand has point values. For example, one pair is worth 1 point, two pairs in a hand are worth 2 points, three of a kind are worth 3 points, a straight is worth four points, a flush is worth 5 points, a full house is worth 6 points, four of a kind are worth 7 points, and a straight flush is worth 8 points. The game is played for points rather than money and the objective of the game is to reach 52 points. Whichever player is able to do so first wins the game, so ending the game.

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