How to Play Baseball Poker
How to Play Baseball Poker
How to Play Baseball Poker

How to Play Baseball Poker

Baseball is one of the many variations of poker. It is perfect for three to seven players and it involves dealt cards in 7-card stud order. In baseball, treys and nines are wild. To begin playing Baseball, each player antes up to the pot. Then, the dealer deals tow cards face down to each player. Players look at these cards. Then, the dealer deals one card face up to each player. Any player who is dealt a four at this point gets another card dealt to them, face down, to help better their hand. If any face up card is a three (a wild card), the player who is dealt it needs to add money to the pot in an amount that matches the pot’s total.

After the first three cards are dealt in this way, the player with the highest card face up opens the betting. Since threes and nines are wild cards, any player who has been dealt one of these cards has the high card, unless someone has an actual ace dealt to them. The betting continues around the table, and after this round each player is dealt another card face up. If at this point any player has a pair of wild cards or any pair showing face up on the table, the ante doubles. Betting again begins with the player with the highest cards. The dealer deals each player two more cards face up. The dealer deals the last card face down.

The players who still remain in the game after the last card is dealt begin the showdown. The person with the highest hand visible on the poker table will begin the betting. Betting continues on with the player to the left of the opening bet. Players can fold, match or raise the bet once. The player who makes the final bet places their hand on the table for everyone to see. Every other player follows and the best hand at the table wins.

Since there are eight wild cards in the game (four threes and four nines of various suits) it is important in this game to always compare the hand one is holding to the other hands around the table. The many cards dealt plus the many wild cards mean that few players win with a pair in baseball poker - winnings usually go to a player with a very good hand, especially if many players are at the poker table. This means that in baseball, bad hands should be folded quickly. On the other hand, if you can create a Royal Straight Flush or a Four of a kind in Baseball poker, you have a good chance of winning the pot in the end, especially if you can convince a few fellow players to fold before the showdown.

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