How to Plan and Have the Perfect Casino Poker Trip
How to Plan and Have the Perfect Casino Poker Trip
How to Plan and Have the Perfect Casino Poker Trip

How to Plan and Have the Perfect Casino Poker Trip

If you love poker, you may eventually want to try a poker vacation by heading to one of the major casinos. Many millions of people travel to Las Vegas and other gambling Meccas to play and to vacation. If you are a planning a trip around casino poker, there are several things you will want to consider.

Before you go, you will want to budget and plan for your trip. You will need to decide where to go, where to stay, and how to get there. It is also wise for you to set a spending limit for your trip to ensure that you will not overspend. Before you go, do make a list of everything you will need. At the very latest, you will need some layered clothes for the casino (which some people find to be slightly cooler than comfortable) and some evening clothes for any non-poker-related activities you may like. Before you travel, you will also want to play poker a lot for practice and memorize the rules of the game. Playing poker in a casino is very different from a local friendly game, so you will want to be prepared.

When you get to your vacation destination, check into your hotel and sign up for any free player’s clubs or member’s clubs you can. Many of the major casinos in Vegas and around the world offer free member clubs. These allow you to be on the casino mailing list, letting you be first in line for special offers in discounts. Plus, being part of a club often has rewards. For example, at many casinos, members of the playing club can use a special swipe card to play poker and to play slots. You can place money on your card and carry it with you to the casino to play everywhere. This can be a much safer way to carry money than cash. Some player’s clubs are quite generous and entitle you to discounts on food and accommodations. Some even give you free chips or free chances to win, free drinks, free gift certificates for casino stores, and even free meals. Since you only need to fill out an application to belong, you should apply to as many free clubs as you can at each casino you play at.

Once you are checked into your hotel, do head for the poker tables when you can. You will need to sign in to play at the poker table or room of your choice first and possibly wait for a seat if none is available. You will need to visit the casino cashier first to exchange your money for poker chips. In Las Vegas casinos, chips are color coded. Each white chip is worth a dollar, each red chip is worth five dollars, each blue chip is worth ten dollars, each green chip is worth twenty five dollars, each black chip is worth one hundred dollars and each purple chip is worth five hundred dollars. At the end of your day at the casino, you can cash in your chips for cash again.

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