How to Perform Simple Poker Chip Tricks
How to Perform Simple Poker Chip Tricks
How to Perform Simple Poker Chip Tricks

How to Perform Simple Poker Chip Tricks

If you have played many poker games, you may have seen some poker players flipping, spinning, and manipulating poker chips into acrobatic and complicated patterns at the poker table. Playing with poker chips in this way is known as performing “poker chip tricks.” While poker chip tricks may not be able to add to your poker skills or winnings, they are certainly a great way to get comfortable with poker chips and add some visual pizzaz to your next poker game. All it takes is a little practice to master poker chip tricks such as:

Knuckle Roll Poker Chip Trick

In this trick, the player uses one poker chip (usually a thick, clay chip) and creates the illusion of rolling the chips over the knuckles in a smooth motion. When done quickly and well, the chips appear to float on their own over the knuckles. Real pros can do this trick using two hands at once, but beginners will find this poker chip trick difficult enough with one hand and one chip.

To do this poker chip trick:

1) For this trick, you will need one chip, which will begin by laying flat against the side of your pointer finger and thumb. Hold the chip in the position a bit behind your second knuckle.

2) Use your thumb to push the chip up and then over the top of the pointer finger.

3) Lift the middle finger to bring it up and over the chip’s edge.

4) Lower the middle finger so that the chip is pulled down with it. At this point, the chip should be between the pointer finger and middle finger, standing straight up.

5) Lower your middle finger some more so that the chip flips onto the top of your middle finger.

6) Lift the ring finger so that it moves up and over the chip’s edge.

7) Lower the ring finger so that the chip is also pulled down with the finger. The chip will now be standing up between your ring finger and middle finger.

8) Flip the chip to the top of the ring finger and continue the same process with the pinky finger.

9) Now, you can repeat the process in reverse so that the chip returns to its original position or you can let the chip drop between your pinky and ring finger so that you catch it with your thumb.

10) Practice this poker chip trick often, trying to create smooth movements and fast movement to create illusion that the poker chip is almost bumbling along your hand of its own volition

Square Poker Chip Trick

You will use four chips in this trick. The idea is to create a snappy movement with one hand

To do this trick:

1) Hold four chips in your hand the way you would to do a two chip twirl.

2) Place three chips between your thumb and index fingers and drop the fourth chip between your pinky finger and ring finger.

3) Use your middle finger to ensure that the three chips between your index finger and thumb are securely in place.

5) Use your thumb to get two of the three chips to go over front to back over the remaining one chip.

6) Take the two chips you just moved in the three chip section and pull them downwards just slightly.

7) Start to move your middle finger upwards. As you do this, make sure that all the chips are being help down so that there is pressure on the chip between your ring finger and pinky finger (you don’t want this chip to drop).

8) Use the pressure the rolling motion of your middle finger to create pressure on the single chip so that it moves between your ring finger and your middle finger. At this point, there should be two chips between your pointer and middle fingers, one chip between your ring finger and middle finger, and one chip between your pointer finger and middle finger.

9) Stretch your pinky towards your thumb to use it to take one of the two chips between your thumb and middle fingers.

10) Spread the chips on the table, creating a square.

Remember: Poker chip tricks are fun ways to entertain your friends and they are great at breaking the ice at a poker table. However, they also reveal a lot about a poker player. If you see a poker player who does many poker chip trick well, you are likely dealing with someone who has spent a fair amount of time around a poker table. When doing poker chip tricks of your own, do be aware that this can show that you are an experienced player and make other players more cautious playing you at the poker table.

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