How to Organize a Poker Group or Club
How to Organize a Poker Group or Club
How to Organize a Poker Group or Club

How to Organize a Poker Group or Club

Getting a group of regular players together for games of poker is one thing. However, if you want to organize a poker club or group, you will need to do much more than simply encourage people to show up each week or each month with their money and snacks in tow. To organize a club for poker, you need to:

1) Decide on a purpose. If you only want to meet to play poker, you may not need a special club or group to do so. You may find it easier to simply keep on organizing poker nights. On the other hand, if you want something else - for example, to make it to a big tournament - then a club or group is a great way to pursue that goal.

2) Recruit members. Your regular poker crowd is an obvious choice for this, but you may want to decide to bring in new members as well, especially if you decide to go after some big goals (such as raising money to go on a poker cruise).

3) Decide on a way to advertise and communicate. You may set up an email discussion group, regular meetings, a regular newsletter, or a web page to make sure that each member knows what is going on with the group. You can use newsletters and email lists to announce events and upcoming games. Members can also use these mediums to share their tips and ideas. Deciding on a method of communication can also help your group advertise.

4) Develop some activities for members. Just meeting or playing poker is not very exciting or enticing for most members. You may want to increase interest in your group with fun or interesting activities. Your group can organize local tournaments, poker classes at the community center, or poker movie nights. You can also strive to conduct raffles or to organize group trips to poker events. Whatever you do, creating some great activities for your group is a sure way to make sure your poker group thrives. It can also be a great way to raise awareness about poker and your group in your community. When you organize events for your poker group, you are sure to attract new poker fans and players to your club.

5) Find a job for everyone. Everyone in your club will be happier if they have a specific job to do. Basic jobs like treasurer, vice president, president, and so forth can be changed from time to time to ensure that several people get to try different roles.

6) Raise money. Whether you decide to charge dues, collect a part of the profits from poker games or raise money in some other way, you will need to get some money from some source to fun club activities. Money raised can be used to take special group trips or to offer large poker prizes. Money raised can also be used to buy poker supplies and accessories for the club as well.

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