How to Get the Most from a Poker Class
How to Get the Most from a Poker Class
How to Get the Most from a Poker Class

How to Get the Most from a Poker Class

Poker lessons and classes are springing up all across the country, thanks to the rising popularity of poker. You can easily find classes in most areas by consulting your local yellow pages or by calling up some community colleges and local community centers. Some retail stores that sell poker chips and accessories can also tell you about classes in your area. Many poker magazines advertise a variety of poker classes as well. If you decide to try poker classes, it is important that you:

•Compare several classes. Select a class that offers instruction, games played, and a chance to deal. You want a class that will offer you the most varied experience because that is how you will learn the most. If you are paying someone else just to sit around and play poker with other students or just to listen to lectures, you may not be learning as much as you might like.

•Get recommendations and talk to the instructor before class. Talk to people who have taken classes to find out which classes in your area and which instructors are especially good. This will help you get a sense of which class and instructor will give you the most value for your money.

•Decide what poker game you want to learn about and what you want to learn in class. Rather than going in with a vague idea that you will learn poker, you can go into class with clear goals. This will help ensure that you learn what you want to learn.

•Consider taking a class after you have learned the basics. There are many free resources that will teach you about poker. Try reading about the rules of poker first and playing for free either online or with friends at home. This will save you time and money since you will not need to learn the basics for money in class.

•Consider private lessons as well as organized classes. Compare the prices of a few private lessons with an actual class. With private lessons, you decide what you will learn. If you have only a few skills you want to work on, private lessons with a tutor or instructor can save you money.

•Practice, practice, practice. Practicing poker every chance you have helps ensure that you really learn the lessons from your class and that you get better. If you do not have time to practice, then do not take a class until you do find the time. If you just take a class but don’t start putting what you learn into actual games right away, you will quickly forget much of what you are taught.

•Look for sources of free lessons. Some online casinos, land based casinos, and community centers offer free lessons to beginner poker players. These vary pretty widely in quality but they let you try out classes with no money commitment and let you get the basics of the game without spending a lot of cash.

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