How to Find and Learn the Most from Great Poker Resources
How to Find and Learn the Most from Great Poker Resources
How to Find and Learn the Most from Great Poker Resources

How to Find and Learn the Most from Great Poker Resources

Beginning and advanced poker players will do well to learn as much about poker as they can. Reading about poker, practicing the game, and talking about it to other players can sometimes reveal interesting facts and useful tips that can make all the difference in your next game. Some resources every poker player can benefit from include:

•Other players. Other players can offer their own tips and ideas about poker. However, in many cases, other players are not professionals, so you will want to consider any strategies and tips carefully and test them out for yourself before you accept them as fact. On the other hand, other poker players are often the perfect resource if you want to know something specific - such as a good online poker game to play or a good local class to attend.

•Poker Instructors. Taking a poker class can help a beginner to learn the basics and can help a more experienced player learn about the many variations of poker. If you decide on a class or poker instructor, do make sure that you are selecting a teacher with a lot of poker success and experience behind them. It is often a good idea of you have done some research into poker on your own so that you can come to your instructor with specific questions and specific areas of your game to focus on - this can help you get the most for your instruction dollar.

•Poker tours and professional events. Poker tours give you a chance to watch true experts at the game compete. This can be very exciting in itself and can also let you see how professional games are played. Plus, many professional poker events have lots of information for attendants about the latest poker tools, accessories, and products.

•Casinos and online casinos. Casinos can offer you a great chance to play complete strangers in an environment that does its best to assure a fair game. They can be a great way to build skills and to test your skills against players who are not part of your usual casino nights. Online casinos offer this as well, but also offer free play, good bonuses, and in some cases even free advice and tips that you can use to better your game.

•Poker tables. All players can stand to learn more about poker around the poker table. Simply, few things build poker skills like consistent practice. Just be sure to stick to low-stakes and fixed limit games as you learn to ensure that your instruction experience is not too expensive.

•Online websites. There are a number of online sources that can help you understand poker and even practice it on your own. The exciting thing about online resources is also that some are tailored just for specific poker players. For example, has a number of resources just for women who play poker!

•Magazines and journals. Journals and magazines like the reputable Poker Digest ( and Card Player contain all sorts of useful information, including practical tips, coverage of poker events and interviews with poker pros.

•Television. You can watch exciting poker matches and World Series of Poker events in the comfort of your own home, picking up tips and ideas as you watch.

•Books. There are literally thousands of books about poker available now. Books range from basic guides to games to advances strategy guides to memoirs of professional poker players and even novels that focus on poker events and poker players. Whatever you like to read, you are sure to find a poker-related book at your favorite bookstore or local library.

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