Getting a Job in the Poker World
Getting a Job in the Poker World
Getting a Job in the Poker World

Getting a Job in the Poker World

There are many jobs out there for poker fans. Whether you want to design a poker software program, sell poker accessories, open a poker store or deal poker games in a casino, there are many employment opportunities for you out there. To get a job, though, you may need some luck and a few skills:

•Do attend a local college or university to get a good education. Most jobs today require at least a college diploma.

•Do learn as much about poker as you can. Read books, practice poker, and get to understand as much about the game as you can. No matter what your employment in the poker world, knowledge counts.

•Do follow current poker news. Subscribe to a current poker magazine and keep current about poker pros, events, trends, and other news. This is often the sort of information that will be asked of you at interviews and the more current information you can demonstrate the more effective your job hunting will be.

•Do network. Talk to assistants at poker shops and to people at gaming trade shows. Try poker tournaments. The more people you speak to the more likely you are to get news of great job openings first.

•Don’t be afraid to start small. You may want to run your own poker web site or build a casino some day. In the meantime, though, you can learn a lot by selling poker accessories at a retail store. Every job that you get that is related to poker can lead to a better poker job at some point, so do practice persistence and determination on your road to the top.

•Expand your job search. If you live in a small town, there may only be one gaming store or one local casino for you to find a job. If you are willing to consider casino cruises or

•Contact companies directly and look to specialized classified ads. Look at the back of poker magazines and subscribe to online job boards to find job ads that relate to poker. At the same time, though, realize that most people do not find jobs through ads - there are simply too many respondents to each ad. A better strategy is to make a list of all the companies related to poker. Make a list of the companies you would most likely like to work for. Find out all you can about those companies from their web pages and from newspapers and then write to the employment director or HR office at each company, enclosing your resume and a cover letter that states why you would be great for the company.

•Develop manual dexterity that lets you shuffle cards and handle chips with grace. This is an important qualification for a dealer and for other poker-related positions.

•Develop the skills and experience you need for the specific poker job you want most. If you want to design poker software, then get great computer skills. If you want to run a poker company, get a solid business background. Most jobs require more than just a love of the card game.

•Develop a good knowledge of as many variations of poker and as many poker-related cards games as you can. It will make you a more valuable employee at most casinos as companies.

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Date Added: 2005-10-15

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