Dos and Don’ts of Playing Poker Online
Dos and Don’ts of Playing Poker Online
Dos and Don’ts of Playing Poker Online

Dos and Don’ts of Playing Poker Online

If you want to try your hand at online poker, you are not alone. Many poker players, from beginners to celebrity pros, take advantage of the convenient play, huge possible prizes and the privacy of online play. Before you click into your online casino, however, do observe a few do’s and don’ts to ensure that you aren’t losing more than you should be:

Do decide what type of poker you will play for money. Online casinos offer lots of options, including Omaha, Chicago, Hold-Em, Stud, Let it Ride and many others. Many new players will try to play all the games for money, which can be a mistake. Although it is certainly fun and education to try tutorials or free games of all the different poker variations out there. If you want to win money, though, you can increase your chances by focusing on game and really building your skills in that game until you can win at it. Before you start to play for money, decide which poker game you will be playing and focus on becoming good in that game.

Don’t bet more than you can afford. This tip could also read “don’t approach online poker as a money-making venture.” Lots of beginner players think that they can make huge amounts of money from online poker. Worse, players who lose one game often keep playing with money they borrow or can’t afford to “win back” losses. Both attitudes can lead to gambling problems and debt. Always play money that is dispensable and that you can afford to lose. That way, any win will be a pleasant bonus while any loss will not be a huge financial problem.

Do practice discipline. Do not try to play every hand or try to leap into the game when you don’t even know the rules. To win at online poker, you need to develop your skill and practice patience. Bluff occasionally, but don’t keep playing hands that are likely to lose money.

Don’t try fancy moves with online low-limit poker. This type of poker is often played by inexperienced poker players. They may not understand that you are bluffing and are more likely to call you on your low hand, causing you to lose.

Do look at what other players are doing. Many online players make the mistake of only looking at their cards, ignoring the other players. Simply because you cannot see their faces or “tells,” though, does not mean that you can’t tell what strategies other players are using. Look at other player’s betting patterns, playing styles, and try to piece together what hands they may be holding. It will strengthen your game an give you important clues as to when you should fold, bet, or bluff.

Don’t rush it. Start playing no-money games and move to low-stakes games. Only move to higher stakes games when your skills are very good. High stakes games are more likely to be played by experienced players, so you need to hone your skills before you try to win big at these online games. Even if you have plenty of experience with face to face games, online poker is very different without human interaction and tells, so if you are new to virtual games do ease into it.

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