Become a Gaming Writer: Get Paid to Play Poker
Become a Gaming Writer: Get Paid to Play Poker
Become a Gaming Writer: Get Paid to Play Poker

Become a Gaming Writer: Get Paid to Play Poker

If you have a way with words and like poker, you can create a career for yourself as a gaming writer and get paid to play poker and write about it. There are many opportunities in this field as poker becomes a more popular pastime. Think about it: every movie, book, lesson book, newsletter, magazine and web page out there about poker was written at one time by a writer. Every review of a casino, poker book, or poker product was written by someone. There are trillions of words written about poker each year, and you could be paid for writing about the game.

To begin your career as a gaming writer, you will need some writing experience and some poker experience. If you have been playing poker, then you already have the latter. If you lack writing experience, you can easily gain it by offering to write about local poker events and poker clubs for a local newspaper or newsletter. If your offer is accepted, then you will be able to show other, larger publications that you have written about poker before.

Some of the things you can write about as a writer include:

• Poker events and tournaments

• Poker cruises

• Poker products

• Poker personalities and celebrities

• Poker businesses

• Poker trends and news

Once you become a writer, you have two basic options. You can become a freelance writer, which means that you seek out your own assignments and work for a variety of clients. If you decide on this route, you will need to look for new places to sell your writing. You will send your articles to newspapers and magazines in the hopes that they will be published. You may want to set up your own web site that details your writing and poker experience so that clients can find you. You may even want to write a book about poker and seek a publisher who will publish it.

The second option as a gaming writer is to seek steady employment from a company that hires writers. In this option, you will not have to seek work all the time, but you may not always have a choice about what you will be writing about. You can seek steady work at marketing companies, gaming companies, casinos that have their own media or marketing departments, and even at gaming store chains. To apply for a job, you will often need very solid writing experience and a good education. To get such a job, you will want to make a list of gaming companies that produce poker products as well as any larger poker companies (including poker tournaments, poker magazines, publishing houses that specialize in gaming books, software companies that create poker software) and try to research these companies well. Write to each company directly, enclosing your resume and your cover letter. Explain how you could help the company with your writing.

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Date Added: 2005-10-15

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