Be a Poker Tells Sleuth
Be a Poker Tells Sleuth
Be a Poker Tells Sleuth

Be a Poker Tells Sleuth

If you are playing a poker game with others (and not on a computer) poker tells are crucial. Tells are the subtle signs, clues, and body language that can tell you what sort of cards another player is holding. Tells can help you tell whether a player is bluffing or holding a very good hand. This means that tells can let you know whether to fold, match or raise a bet. The poker player who ignores tells is unlikely to win consistently.

However, spotting tells is not easy. Most people consciously try to keep a poker face to give away as little as possible about their hand. In fact, many professionals go so far as to wear sunglasses during games to prevent opponents from seeing any tell-tale signs. However, experts have found that specific tells can help to determine what a person is thinking in some cases:

•A smile that crinkles the corners of the eyes is most likely genuine and can show that someone is relaxed and confident about their cards. A tight smile that does not affect the rest of the face can suggest that someone is bluffing or is feeling nervous.

•The players who sets their chips down aggressively is more likely to be bluffing or more likely to be nervous about a weak hand.

•A player with a weak hand will often look closely at the player who bets after him and may stare closely at the other player’s chips.

•A player who makes many pauses in their table talk is someone who is nervous or anxious about the game. Unless a person talks haltingly normally, this could be the sign of a weak hand.

•A player who leans forward to stare at the cards or who plays nervously with their chips is likely nervous. The player who leans back casually is more likely to be confident about the strength of their cards.

•A player who sighs and hesitates but then raises a bet is more likely to have a strong hand than to have a weak hand.

•A player who stays in the game or raises but whose hands shake is more likely to have a strong hand rather than a weak one. Strangely, most people are more nervous with a very good hand than when bluffing

•Eye movements that are smooth and comfortable (rather than rapid and shifty) can show that a player is relaxed and feeling confident about a hand.

These are guidelines rather than hard and fast rules. Often, you can get the best sense of a player’s tells by watching them closely over a period of games and getting to know their patterns of play and facial expressions. You will also want to stay alert when playing very good players - they may add false clues to steer you in the wrong direction.

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Date Added: 2005-10-15

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